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Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

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Nothing makes me happier in the morning than a fresh brewed filter coffee. Coffee is a really powerful drink to energize yourself. But did you know you can power up your plants with filter coffee too. Of course we don’t pour coffee to their pots, we will use coffee grounds left-overs instead.

Coffee Grounds as A Fertilizer

A lot of people normally throw out their coffee grounds without realizing how useful it can be as fertilizer and how rich it is in nutrients useful for plants and vegetables. Coffee grounds include  potassium, calcium, iron, nitrogen, and also phosphorus.

Does Coffee Grounds Fertilizer Need Processing?

Coffee grounds do not need any additional processing to be used as a fertilizer. Once you have gathered enough coffee grounds left overs, it is as simple as using it as a surface soil or placing the fertilizer near the base of the garden soil. It can also be sprinkled directly on the soil. However, we don’t recommend planting your plants and vegetables directly into coffee grounds. Even though it is a rich compost it may harm your plants roots on direct contact.

Whatever method of application you use, the coffee grounds will get into the soil as intended and will help aerate the soil, fertilize it, and even repel pests from your garden. It’s the complete package.

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