Gardening Tips
Gardening Tips

There are many merits to a tree that can grow where you live, from its use as home decoration to the occasion small fresh edible fruits that will normally hang just a few centimeters above you. Plus, the shade and cleaner air your home will be surrounded with, it feels like the best idea to have a tree in your home. The only real issue here is that most people don’t have enough space to grow trees in that quantity which is why planting trees in small containers is the next best idea.

To have the desired quantity and variety of trees you need, although not all trees can be grown in containers, several desired varieties do. From conifers to dwarf fig trees, to peach and olive trees, nature has given every gardener and tree lover the choice to make a small patio or balcony feel like a garden. Here are the ideal small trees that would grow in a container, given the right amount of sunshine, moisture, and composted soil;


From their iconic cone shape, evergreen conifers serve as a welcome choice when considering small tress in a container. They will thrive with an ample supply of sunlight and suitable moisture. Soil nutrient is really important for growth, as conifers mainly are heavily dependent on nitrogen for growth, in such cases where liquid compost is applied you would also require a draining container for optimum moist conditions. The species to consider are; pines, juniper, fir and cypress, and cedar trees. There are dwarf varieties that can easily spend its lifespan in a container, the roots don’t grow too broad and the trunk too big, they may as well require pruning in intervals. Conifers trees are great choices for container growth and even if you are in it for the fruits, let the pine nuts and juniper berries keep you busy.

Bay Tree (Sweet Bay)

If you are a chef or a cook, then having fresh bay leaves at arm’s length should be considered the ideal choice. Sweet bay is a small and tender tree that can be grown in small containers. With ample sunlight and consistent watering, the bay tree will decorate your balcony and keep you grateful for its spice. With a recommended growing zone of 8 to 10 it grows up to 35 to 40 feet in gardens so provide a well-draining container and prune the roots in intervals.

Citrus Trees

Citrus species do well in gardens and even much better in a container when cared for more closely, the dwarf species are even more ideal for container growth. Naturally, citrus trees are small with narrow trunks and numbered branches, so they can easily stay close to the ground with full sunlight but must be taken indoors in cold climates below USDA zone 8. They make pretty tidy accents on patios, terraces, and balconies. Preferable types include; oranges, lemons, lime, and kumquats, all of which have prized edible fruits and sweet-smelling leaves.

Maple (Japanese Maple)

The Acer palmatum or more commonly known as “Japanese maple” is a pretty stunning maple tree with beautiful foliage ideal for container growth with a generously sized well-draining container for aeration and moisture control. This maple three requires sunlight and some shade occasionally so it is best to place the container in a position that allows provides sufficient shade when the sun hits the hardest. With some popular varieties, our most preferred ones are the; crimson queen, red dragon, orangeola, and burgundy lace. All stunning in their regard and make for some succinct home decoration.

Dwarf fig tree

There are hundreds of variety and species of fig trees, but the Edible fig tree (Ficus carica) is the best choice, when it comes to growing in small containers, mainly because of their attractiveness, edible fruit, and relative size. Their growth normally requires full exposure to sunlight and water for the juiciest fruits. The dwarf species will fare better in containers and can easily thrive for years with occasional pruning. This fig tree when adequately nurtured will grace your patio for years and if it ever shows signs of a struggle it may be time to transfer it to a garden or donate it if you have no space.


The olive tree is yet another wonderful example of a small tree that can grow in a container, with a shallow root and shape the olive is ideal for patios and terraces with access to about 6 to 7 hours of sunlight. With adequate care, the olive tree can grow and thrive in a container for years although, not nearly as long as it lives in the wild, it is enough for your need at home. Make sure to plant I a well-draining container and provide the tree with lots of moisture and the occasional feeding with organic fertilizer. If you want more oily fruits. If you care less about the fruits you can opt for fruitless species.

Crabapple (Malus)

The ornamental crabapple plants though large, have smaller dwarf-like species that would fare well in a fairly sized container. Apart from the tasty crabapples they produce, the foliage is beautiful with red, pink and even white varieties which can give the impression of a royal patio or terrace. They require ample sunlight and well-draining containers to grow effectively.

Well there you have it, there are still more trees that can be planted in small containers but these top picks are the best we’ve considered, what you will need to look out for are well-draining containers, the right soil and the best selection for a start.

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